Life is an amazing journey, but sometimes, it can seem all ‘uphill.’

Feeling stressed, or tired, or just a bit ‘down’? That’s a good time to try HAPPY SHOTZ. Feeling overwhelmed, need to focus, but just can’t? HAPPY SHOTZ can help. The sensation of being focused, peaceful, yet energized is just about ideal for most tasks, whether you’re at work, studying, taking a test, working out, creating a song, or cleaning an oven!

Sometimes those things we dread doing bring us the most satisfaction when they are accomplished. That’s why HAPPY SHOTZ is for everybody that needs a little boost. HAPPY SHOTZ wakes up the SEROTONIN [the happy cells] in your body, giving you an improved outlook on life. It’s not the frantic ‘caffeine’ high that causes you to ‘rise and fall’ when it wears off. HAPPY SHOTZ provides a sustained, flowing energy that is ideal for your everyday life.  There is no sugar in HAPPY SHOTZ, so it is safe for ** diabetics [**please have your Dr. approve it, by reviewing the ingredients]

Also, HAPPY SHOTZ has the added ‘attractor factor!’ The natural herbs used for HAPPY SHOTZ enhance your attraction, with the increased production of PHEROMONES. Nature created pheromones to bring people together, and it appears naturally in young people. As we age, the production of pheromones can ‘slow down’ you may notice a decrease in sexual interest or ‘attention.’ HAPPY SHOTZ can reactivate this special human quality, and bring more joy into your life. HAPPY SHOTZ has been developed using carefully selected herbal ingredients from North, South, and Central America. Herbs are Nature’s gift, and many solutions to modern dilemmas are found in ancient plants! HAPPY SHOTZ contains organic DAMIANA, HUANARPO MACHO, MACA, GUARANA, and YACON. HAPPY SHOTZ also contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and B12, C, E, and Iron.

It has no side effects and presents no unwanted, health-related risks. These herbs work together to naturally enhance your body’s various chemical levels, influencing hormones such as serotonin and pheromone production, and encouraging you to feel much better in your own skin. It lifts your spirits naturally, encouraging your friendly instincts to surface. Drinking HAPPY SHOTZ on a regular basis will sustain that ‘extra advantage’ that is especially helpful for an improved love life! You will feel happier, and more relaxed, with increased clarity and gentle focus. As your body produces more serotonin and pheromones, this makes you both more ‘receptive’ and ‘attractive.’ HAPPY SHOTZ is not a drug, or intoxicant, it does not cause sleepiness, or loss of judgment.

A natural mood booster and energy drink, HAPPY SHOTZ is your ‘secret weapon’ for getting through long days with an improved point of view. Need to finish that urgent report or call those clients? Had a long day and need an extra boost for the final five miles? Going out clubbing, or on a date, and want a little extra energy? Keeping a case in your desk or in the fridge is a great way to stay ‘happy’ and focused.   Because there is NO ALCOHOL in HAPPY SHOTZ, it is ‘workplace friendly’.

Consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

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