Going through Happy Shotz reviews I was a little concerned by the fact that it simply seems too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this drink is not only effective as a regular energy drink – which is quite a feat, since usually they need a lot of strange and obscure chemicals to achieve that – but it actually did make me smile more and feel a lot more at ease than before. Aside from all that, I was surprised to note that a girl I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask out for a long time simply came to me and asked me out last week. I don’t feel this is a coincidence, since I’ve never been someone who can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Herbert W.


Ok, so an energy drink that improves concentration is not easy to find, especially if you’re looking for 100% natural stuff. This is the real deal, though, and it got me out of some really tight spots. Now maybe I can even qualify for a promotion. Thanks a million, Happy Shotz!

Victoria S


I don’t normally write reviews, but I thought I would make an exception this time, since this drink pretty much saved my life. I was going through some difficult times not long ago, and I was at the verge of losing my marriage. It seems almost magical, but Happy Shotz gave me the energy and resources to make the right choices, solve problems faster, and find more time to spend with my family. The result was a much happier life with my wife and young children, so now we all feel a lot better and happier.

Corey S.


I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into after the first time I drank Happy Shotz, but I knew it was big. If you didn’t know yet, this is a great drink for anyone who has low self-esteem issues.

I started having confidence issues as a kid after some unfortunate events. After that, I’ve always found it hard to make friends, much less to find a partner or get married. With Happy Shotz everything seems to be looking up though. I’m in a larger social circle, and I don’t feel uneasy about it anymore. That urge to fall back or watch what I say in a social setting isn’t so dominant anymore, and I’m finally able to move out of my shell for longer periods of time.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone with low confidence/self-esteem!

Gary L.


I found Happy Shotz just a few weeks ago, and I thought this was exactly what I was looking for. After a few years of searching I half expected it to be really expensive, but guess what: it’s not!

I was actually really surprised to see that it works just as advertised. I feel more confident and energetic since I started drinking it, and I’ve also been laughing a lot – something my friends were quick to point out, since I used to be the quiet, serious type.

I don’t know, it just seems like life has become a lot more cheerful and exciting since I started using Happy Shotz. I also find myself worrying a lot less about trivial stuff that I used to think was important.

A big thanks to Happy Shotz LLC for helping me get my life back!

Florence D.


I haven’t had much luck with the ladies in the past. With Happy Shotz it all seems possible!

I didn’t actually find anyone yet, but there’s definitely something true to this story. I’ve been feeling more comfortable among friends and strangers, and even around women. I met a lot of new friends, and I’m pretty confident that I can find someone soon – a feeling I’ve never really had before.

Paul K. 


I’m always up for trying out some sort of new natural product, so I wasn’t really skeptical when I first found out about Happy Shotz. If it’s 100% natural, I’ll go for it. That’s just how I roll.

I wanted a lifestyle change, ‘cause I’ve just felt like everything has been caving in lately. I’m a single mother with two kids, and life can be very stressful and draining sometimes. But since I started taking Happy Shotz, everything seems to have changed. I have more energy, I can do things I’ve never been able to do before, and even my kids feel more comfortable and at ease around me.

Mandy P.


Works great as an energy drink! It’s amazing how much you can get done in a single day even if you used to be a couch potato. That was my life, but not any longer.

After I started getting into Love Shotz, I managed to make a full 180 degree turn on my entire life. No more looking for useless and expensive over-the-counter products or trying out energy drinks that gave me heart palpitations. Best of all, Love Shotz seems to be very healthy, and I haven’t experienced any side effects from drinking it.

Calvin G. 


I used to be somewhat of a skeptic – someone who never cared much for products like these. For some reason (call it intuition?!) I decided to go along with it. Imagine my surprise when I found out Happy Shotz actually works every bit as advertised… I’m feeling more energetic, stronger, and happier! And it doesn’t hurt your chances with the ladies either.

Warren L. 


If you’re unhappy, this is really worth the money. I had hit a dead end after my divorce a couple of years ago, and couldn’t bring myself out of that downward spiral until I tried Happy Shotz.

It’s strange the way it works too. You don’t really feel it at first, so you might have the urge to stop and complain about wasting money. I decided to give it a chance though, and boy was I right! Without Happy Shotz I wouldn’t have met my new girlfriend. We’ve been in a stable relationship for 3 months now, and it’s going great!

Caleb L.