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Liquid love appeal!  Confidence lacking?   In addition to giving you more energy and focus, Happy Shotz’ unique formula ‘wakes up’ your senses, causing increased production of pheromones, the ‘attraction’ factor.

Get Confident and Active & Grab Life by the Horns with Happy Shotz!

Being confident is never as easy as it looks, and it is natural that a lot of people out there have great difficulty in attaining confidence and self-esteem. So how can a tasty, lemon-flavored soft drink like Happy Shotz help you out with that?

Well, Happy Shotz is a lot more than a basic energy drink. Its powerful formula contains mood-enhancing herb extracts like Damiana and Maca, widely known as potent superfoods packed with vitamins that not only help promote general health and focus, but can also leave you feeling happier and better able to cope under stress.

Happy Shotz contains no sugar or caffeine, so it won’t make you all jittery and nervous, like many other energy drinks out there. Instead, its balanced formula will help you get over many of the problems that have probably caused your low self-confidence in the first place.

As soon as you start drinking it, the soft drink will already calm you down and make you feel stronger, faster and more empowered to tackle life’s many challenges. With Happy Shotz, you will never again feel overwhelmed or emotionally exhausted, and your renewed, confident self will be ready to form better relationships, take the initiative at work, and start living life to its fullest each and every day!