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Become Stronger and Get a Real Boost of Energy from Happy Shotz


Becoming stronger is a good way to reach your fitness goals, perform better at work and turn your body into a healthy and efficient “machine.” All that and more will be available to you as soon as you start drinking Happy Shotz – the revolutionary natural energy drink that can have an amazing impact on your health and physical strength.


There are three main active ingredients that make Happy Shotz a healthy strength and energy enhancer:


  • Maca is rich in B, C and E vitamins, and contains a fair concentration of iron, magnesium, calcium and healthy amino acids. The latter are the actual building blocks of your muscles. Many athletes are known to take maca supplements for improving their power, energy, stamina and athletic performance.
  • Guarana is also used as a potent and balancing stimulant. It helps to prevent fatigue, prevent blood clots and break down lactic acid that normally ensues from muscle stress. In the Happy Shotz formula, you get just the right concentration of guarana to ensure an impressive boost of strength and energy.
  • Yacon is another potent ingredient included in Happy Shotz. It helps to regulate blood sugar, and has been shown to lower cholesterol, boosting weight loss and giving you that added edge for improving your fitness performance.


The Happy Shotz formula is perfectly balanced to be used as part of a healthy diet, and its ingredients’ stimulating properties will effectively make you stronger than ever before.