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listing of conditions for grammatical, literary, language, vocal and published effects. a – the term ‘a’ is grammatically/technically ‘the indefinite article’ (in contrast with the word ‘the’ , which is ‘the definite article’) – for case in point ‘A hen fell out of the sky’, or ‘Muddy young children have to have a bath’. This use of the term a is derived from outdated English ‘an’, which is a version of ‘one’. A – usually capitalized, ‘A’ is a typical substitute word or ‘placeholder name’ employed exactly where the speaker/author finds it a lot easier not to use the true phrase/terms, for illustration and particularly in phrases this kind of as ‘My vehicle only gets me from A to B’, or ‘Tit-for-tat is when human being A hits particular person B, and so individual B hits particular person A in return’, or ‘Woman A has been married for 5 years girl B has been. ‘a- – the letter ‘a’ is prefix , with numerous meanings, witnessed in distinctive stages of phrase progress from numerous languages, notably together with the meanings: ‘to’, ‘towards’, ‘on’, ‘at’, ‘of’, or to specific intensity, or being in a condition of.

and so forth. , for instance afoot, awake, accursed, abreast, ajar, announce, etcetera. Not all terms which start out with ‘a’ are utilizing the ‘a’ prefix in this way. abbreviation – a shortened phrase or phrase. This can be carried out by various techniques, notably:using the first letter(s) of a multi-word identify or phrase – for example, BBC for British Broadcasting Company, or best custom writing SA for South Africa, or ATM for automatic teller device, Tv set for television, CD for compact disc or LOL for laughing out loud or SWALK for sealed with a loving kiss, (the latter two also technically remaining acronyms ).

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omitting some or all the vowels of the term or words and phrases – for case in point, Rd for Highway, or St for Street, or Saint, or Dr as an alternative of Medical professional, or Mr as a substitute of Mister, or Sgt rather of Sergeant, omitting and/or changing letters which very best enable these remaining to express the complete term, normally also for euphonic reasons (i. e. , the audio is pleasing to talk/listen to) or in any other case intelligent phonetically (how it appears), or intelligent visually – for instance: bike for bicycle, or fridge for refrigerator, or pram for perambulator (perambulate signifies stroll, formally or amusingly), or BBQ for barbecue, or SFX for seem consequences – and in more latest yrs specially in electronic messaging using mixtures of letters and figures, these as L8 for late, GR8 for good, two that means to/much too, B4 for in advance of, etcetera. omitting the beginning of a term or words and phrases – for illustration telephone for telephone.

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omitting a word-ending or phrase-ending – for instance doc for doctor, amp for amplifier or ampere, artic for articulated lorry, or op for operation, or zoo for zoological back garden. combining pieces of two terms to form a new word, normally staying a blended meaning as effectively as a blended word, also called a portmanteau phrase – for illustration brunch for breakfast, and smog for smoke and fog. Portmanteau phrases are not usually regarded as abbreviations, but they certainly are. Many abbreviations, immediately after prevalent and well known adoption, come to be mentioned in dictionaries as new text in their personal ideal. The full unique versions of many this kind of abbreviations turn into neglected, so that they are not commonly regarded as abbreviations (for instance the terms zoo, taxi, mobile phone). acronym – an existing or new term that is spelt from the preliminary letters, in appropriate order, of the phrases of a phrase or phrase-sequence, for illustration NIMBY (Not In My Again-Lawn) and SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Equipment).