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Fake Announcement That Walmart Will Accept Litecoin Cryptocurrency Sends Stock Soaring

Here are some of the most popular companies and stores that accept Litecoin . At checkout, you’ll be given the option to pay with Litecoin. Complete the transaction by entering your wallet details or scanning the QR code. See all merchants that accept cryptocurrency in BitPay’s Merchant Directory. Blockonomics enables you to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments. And with their WordPress Bitcoin Payments plugin you can accept these as forms of payment via WooCommerce.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, that works without a central bank or single administrator. It was originally created by a person or group of people in 2009 and released under the name Satoshi Nakamato. Start accepting Bitcoin, Ether, NANO and other cryptocurrency payments on your website or store. Coinremitter is a payment gateways for cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin,Tether , Litecoin,Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin,Dash. We are offering secure, reliable, robust and quick setup of the payment gateway system with low cost. Anyone can setup crypto payment gateway hassle free without documents.

Mollie is a payment gateway solution that is committed to making online payments easier. The Mollie Payments for WooCommerce is one of their free plugins that will enable you to quickly integrate all major payment systems, including Bitcoin, with your WooCommerce site. Once you have chosen a digital wallet and signed up with a payment processor service, it’s time to add Bitcoin payment integration to your WordPress website. There are a number of plugins available that provide this function.

First you’ll need to install and activate plugin on your WordPress site, then just fill out the necessary plugin info. I think for GoURL you add your public and private Bitcoin key, then you can accept payments via custom products, downloads, views or memberships. As payments are received they’re automatically sent to your wallet. Mining and making direct purchases in Bitcoin are two methods widely used by investors to grow their Bitcoin stock. However, taking payments online in Bitcoin is becoming more and more common.

So before you can obtain and maintain Bitcoin, you’ll need a wallet. However, note that technical issues aren’t the only important ones. Before starting to accept Bitcoin, consult with a local accountant about tax compliance – Bitcoin adoption for businesses can be a bureaucratic nightmare based on where you live.

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By the end of the year, it’s also kicking around a proposal to develop its own cryptocurrency—a kind of “native coin” that the company might one day reward customers for paying with. “Fields of Watermelons Found On Mars” story, but the fake press release seemed too polished for that. Walmart later confirmed that the apparent announcement was fake, adding that the company has contacted the press release distribution service GlobeNewswire to find out how it got posted in the first place. These services make accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies easy and convenient for everyone. However, convenience always comes with a fee, so if you would like to take matters into your own hands, Bitcoin was made precisely for that reason.

So if you run an eCommerce store, or accept payments online for services or other reasons, then offering Bitcoin payment options is a good idea. A fake press released Monday claimed Walmart was partnering with the cryptocurrency Litecoin. This photo depicts a physical imitation of a Litecoin in Dortmund, western Germany, on January 27, 2020. Plus with CoinGate you’ll receive automated notifications for payments, and you can specify what cryptocurrency you want to receive payouts as . Overall it’s an extremely convenient and affordable solution.

how to accept litecoin payments

Provide a seamless experience across platforms for crypto enthusiasts to easily make purchases and interact with your brand. Crypto is accepted from the shopper’s native wallet on the Verifone payment device or online using our eCommerce solutions. By the end of reading, you will know how to set up the taking of Bitcoin payments with WordPress. And you will have a good understanding of the services and plugins available to help you do so. That officially recognizes bitcoin as a form of legal currency, becoming the first country in the world to do so.

Who Accepts Litecoin? 11 Major Stores And Companies That Accept Litecoin

Integrate the Litecoin payment API into your website and start accepting Litecoin payments. This API connects the Coinremitter checkout system to the payment acquisition network, letting consumers purchase from you. After you’ve created the wallet, enter the coin’s API key and password into your platform, and you’re ready to accept crypto payments. Anyone, whether a seller, merchant, creative or simply someone who enjoys cryptocurrency, may use the Coinremitter payment gateway by simply integrating our API into their site.

It is worth bearing in mind that some digital payment processor services actually provide an online wallet service . Whereas other payment gateways simply deposit Bitcoin funds as equivalent currency into your bank , resulting in you not needing a Bitcoin wallet at all. Another great option is the TripleA Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. With this plugin you can accept payments via Bitcoin directly, with no fee and no custom account needed.

In this case you’ll want to select the Business option, then enter your country and other required information. Offering a payment solution is a proven method to acquire new clients while also distinguishing yourself from the competitors. By taking Litecoin on your website, you will be able to capitalize on emerging trends while meeting the demands of your existing and prospective customers. The Carolina Hurricanes NHL team is one of the most recent major league sports teams to embrace crypto.

how to accept litecoin payments

Spend Litecoin on all of your new Canes gear and merchandise. Later, the Litecoin Twitter account retweeted a post from Litecoin Foundation that confirmed the earlier story was not true. Several media outlets announced the bogus merger before it was disputed. The Twitter account for Litecoin also shared out the announcement Monday morning before later deleting the tweet. If you loved the theme, we would really appreciate it if you could rate it. Read up on useful guides, product news and articles about the crypto industry.

How To Accept Ethereum Payments On Your Website?

Instead of using funds from your bank account, you can instantly convert Litecoin to cash with the BitPay Card. You can even use it at the ATM to turn Litecoin into cold hard cash. Digital Paybox is a premium plugin that will enable you to accept Bitcoin, but in this case in exchange digital downloads. This solution integrates with numerous payment gateways, but uses Bitpay to accept Bitcoin.

  • With Verifone securely managing the transactional data, the risk and volatility of crypto is removed and merchant settlement is delivered promptly in local currency.
  • NOWPayments suite features API, instant payment notification, widget, buttons, as well as website plugins for WooCommerce, Opencart, WHMCS, and Magento 2 plugin.
  • Spend Litecoin on all of your new Canes gear and merchandise.
  • As payments are received they’re automatically sent to your wallet.
  • The plugin will add options to connect to your Bitpay account with your API token under a ‘Payments’ tab in your main WooCommerce settings.
  • However, there are some industries like domain or web hosting, as well as VPS services that adopt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin more rapidly than others.
  • See all merchants that accept cryptocurrency in BitPay’s Merchant Directory.

To get started, sign up with Mollie and install the Mollie Payments for WooCommerce plugin on your website. Once a customer has paid in Bitcoin, you will receive the corresponding amount in Euros. And as Mollie processes all your Bitcoin payments with WordPress and sends it directly to your bank, you won’t even need a Bitcoin wallet. Next, install the Bitpay Checkout plugin on your WordPress website. The plugin will add options to connect to your Bitpay account with your API token under a ‘Payments’ tab in your main WooCommerce settings.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway For Woocommerce

A fake press statement released Monday claimed Walmart was partnering with the cryptocurrency Litecoin, leading to a brief but major stock gain for the company. As you can see, there are a variety how to accept litecoin payments of plugins and methods available to enable you to process and accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress. The tools you choose should depend solely on your site, and the needs of your audience.

Accept Crypto Payments as smoothly as other Advanced Payment Methods without requiring shoppers to move money or download a new app. Integrate once and begin accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more. A Bitcoin walleta software program that contains your private Bitcoin data/keys. It’s where information regarding your coin addresses and transactions is stored.

Actually I’ve used GoUrl plugin and it’s really easy to use, complete and safe way to accept Bitcoin on WordPress. Bitpay can send funds to banks in over 200 countries, and in numerous currencies. It is also integrated with over 40 eCommerce platforms and solutions, supporting, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Shopify, and many more. BTCPay Server – a self-hosted open-source Bitcoin payment processor with enhanced privacy, security, and censorhip-resistance features. Because this payment method is so effective, you can make smarter business judgments. These are excellent strategies to propel the company forward.

how to accept litecoin payments

GoUrl also provides a number of other extension plugins, including GoUrl for WooCommerce and GoUrl Bitcoin Donations. The theater chain announced it will soon accept ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin in addition to bitcoin. In any case, Bitcoin’s ability to deal with customers in person, phone or tablet with a specific payment app can come in handy. It opens your business for an entirely new consumer segment and lets you brand yourself as a proponent of decentralization and financial freedom.

Final Thoughts On How To Accept Bitcoin Payments With WordPress

And remember, you can always trial a few different solutions to see what works, and ensure you find the best-fit Bitcoin solution for your site. Then follow the CoinGate installation instructions by creating API credentials to connect the two solutions. This is a quick and easy process and once completed you will be able to accept Bitcoin and other altcoin payments on your WooCommerce site. Due to the recent press attention is doubtful that you haven’t heard of this popular cryptocurrency.

If you look at their support page on, you see that everyone is closing their account because reaching to this amount may take a long time. Wallets can be stored on your desktop, on hardware, on your mobile or on the web. And for each platform there are numerous wallet options, so do your research before making a decision on which one is best for you. Bitcoin comes with a cloak of anonymity, as those making a payment don’t have to part with any personal information.

How To Buy Litecoin Ltc With Apple Pay

However, there are some industries like domain or web hosting, as well as VPS services that adopt cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin more rapidly than others. HOSTKEY accepts Litecoin in exchange for its awesome dedicated server hosting and private web hosting services. Broaden your customer base and promote crypto acceptance online or in-store. He said the tweeting out about the press release was a case of someone behind the account getting overly excited before verifying the story.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency, so a third-party banking service is not necessary to complete a transaction. Bitcoin legality by country in 2019.Is Bitcoin the new way of doing business? We hope so, but don’t forget to advertise that your company accepts Bitcoin. List your business on sites like, make promotional graphics, online and offline, and add your company to other lists of those that take Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. CoinGate – accept and process payments in more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin on the Lightning Network. It enables companies to send, receive, hold, swap, cryptocurrency as payments securely and cost-effectively throughout the world.

And if you still have second thoughts whether you should accept Bitcoin in business, see these ten reasons why your business should accept BTC. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that allows for fast, low-cost payments to anybody in the globe. Litecoin is one the most known crypto coins, and coinremitter can help you to accept it as payment for online business.

The Most Convenient Way To Accept Bitcoin Payments In Business

Once a payment has been made, Digital Paybox automatically sends a temporary encrypted link to the buyer via email, allowing them to receive the digital product. If use WooCommerce on your site, and Bitpay sounds like the right payment processor service for you, then the Bitpay Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is a great option. To get started with Bitpay, simply sign into your account and add a new API token for your WooCommerce Store. Here are just a few digital payment processor services that you can sign up with. Coinremitter is a pioneering cryptocurrency payment gateway offering services to merchants and individuals with its secure and easy-to-use payment solution. Pretty much every company when you’re using the BitPay Card.

Want To Accept Litecoin Payments For Your Business? Bitpay Makes It Easy

This will appeal to many buyers who are unsure about sharing sensitive data online. Bitcoin can be accepted from anyone, anywhere in the whole world. So you aren’t excluding those who haven’t got credit cards, or a PayPal account, from making a purchase on your site. It claimed that Walmart would “offer their shoppers to use Litecoin to benefit from the features of cryptocurrency.”