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Record Insight methods for world-wide-web applications on your cellular system. Insight assists you recognize take a look at objects in your application based on what they look like on your monitor, as a substitute of their properties or engineering.

Use Insight to capture illustrations or photos and operate steps on objects in your application that could possibly or else be unavailable to UFT . Start your recording session. In the remote access window, do the next:Browse to the device’s Residence display Be certain that your remote access window is set to 100% zoom.

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In the History Toolbar, in the Recording Mode fall down checklist, pick Insight Recording . Record the important steps on the device’s browser. Even though you document, UFT adds actions and objects to the check and object repository, respectively.

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Each item you use is recognized as an InsightObject less than the parent Product exam item. Click Quit to halt the recording session. The adhering to code is an instance of Insight methods recorded on a machine.

Down-loadable tracks in Audio formatting

Record a simulated event. Record simulated situations, these as receiving an SMS, to exam that your application responds thoroughly to all those activities. Note: Simulated situations are not precise gatherings. So, for example, a simulated incoming call cannot be answered, and a simulated SMS are not able to be opened.

Record simulated events.

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Define your Record and Operate Configurations, and start off recording. rn(Optional) In your check, shift your cursor to exactly where you want to include the simulated occasion. In the Possibilities panel in the remote entry window, click on the button for the required simulation. The relevant dialog box opens for the chosen simulation and prompts you for aspects. Incoming cellular phone simply call. Send application to background.

Set the duration from one-15 seconds. Use numerical GPS coordinates. Legitimate values:Latitude : min: -ninety, max: 90 Longitude : min: -180, max: 180. Specify the locale of the picture (on the file system or URL)Specify the location of the photograph (on the file method or URL)Lines are extra to your exam for the simulation you defined. For case in point:If you included a SimulateCamera or SimulateVideo phase, you may perhaps need to have to add a StopSimulateCamera and StopSimulateVideo phase manually following recording.

Tip: Master additional about gestures and perspective code examples for simulated occasions in the Mobile segment of the UFT Object Model Reference for GUI Tests . Add checkpoints and output values. Add checkpoints and output values for your machine check objects for the duration of recording periods. Supported checkpoints involve regular, bitmap, and text checkpoints. Do the subsequent:In the Report Toolbar, click the Insert Checkpoint or Output Worth button and select the form of checkpoint or output worth you want to insert.

In the distant access window, simply click the device to select it. In the Item Assortment dialog box, find the System exam object. In the Checkpoint Properties dialog box or Output Price Houses dialog box, specify the configurations for the checkpoint item or output value stage. For illustration:To reuse a checkpoint or output price phase, decide on 1 of the following:Design > Checkpoint > Existing Checkpoint.

Design > Output Price > Existing Output Worth. Record tests on hybrid applications. When performing with hybrid mobile applications, you ought to hold out for a web site to load fully to record ways performed on that web page. This assures that UFT can thoroughly establish the objects on that website page in each recording and operate classes.