Three Bottle


Unique delicious blend of bioactive vitamins (SEROTONIN- PHEROMONES), herbs and minerals, carbonated lemonade flavour and sugar-free HAPPY SHOTZ wakes up the SEROTONIN [the happy cells] in your body, giving you an improved outlook on life. It’s not the frantic ‘caffeine’ high that causes you to ‘rise and fall’ when it wears off. HAPPY SHOTZ provides a sustained, flowing energy that is ideal for your everyday life, plus HAPPY SHOTZ has the added ‘attractor factor!’ The natural herbs used for HAPPY SHOTZ enhance your attraction, with the increased production of PHEROMONES. Nature created pheromones to bring people together, and it appears naturally in young people. As we age, the production of pheromones can ‘slow down’ you may notice a decrease in sexual interest or ‘attention.’ HAPPY SHOTZ can reactivate this special human quality, and bring more joy into your life.


Additional information

Weight 15.1 oz
Weight in kg
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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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